See Florida as it was thousands of years ago. The Majority of the Ten Thousand Islands and Florida Everglades have been left untouched and protected. These areas provide a true fly fisherman's paradise, allowing us to chase fish in extremely remote and quiet waterways in the backcountry.  Further up the coast of Florida you will encounter some of the most beautiful sighfishing opportunites for tarpon there is. Boca Grande and the surrounding Pine Island Sound are true to their reputation as being the Tarpon fishing mecca. Between these two great fisheries lies Naples, Marco Island and many many miles of beautiful, and exciting fishing grounds. Sure, the goal is always the exhilarating hook up with a fish, but it’s the unique waters of Southwest Florida and it’s serene surroundings that truly contribute to this visceral one-of-a-kind experience. The passion for fishing in this area and the all-encompassing world that surrounds the sport, is rooted much deeper than the shallow waters we commonly make runs to. With endless bays and mangrove shorelines, there’s always options for calm water and productive fishing grounds. Add in the sights and sounds of exotic birds, Dolphins, and manatees along with numerous other aquatic wildlife, it’s no wonder why this region is commonly referred to as Florida’s “last frontier.”