Tarpon Time 2018

The most anticipated time of the year, is right at our doorstep here in Southwest, Fl. What has been a very moderate winter for us, is quickly turning into Spring time like conditions a bit early this year. For Anglers, that means the arrival of the Tarpon Migration is taking place a few weeks earlier than it traditionaly would. Tarpon will be making their way north and stopping through in our passes, rivers and bays to feed and rest, before continuing their journey north. For us in Southwest Florida, it is the most exhillerating 2 months of fishing of the year.

Targeting these fish can be done a variety of ways. Live bait, cut bait, artificials, and chucking flies! Tarpon Fishing can be stellar from the southernmost point of the Everglades, all the way up through Naples. Each region offers a different style of chasing these Tarpon. Now is a great time to give a local guide a call and reserve your trip. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about fishing the area, or would like to get your next charter in the books!

Until Next time!...... Got to make that Cast!

Capt. Mitch Wozniak