Clean Water in SWFL !

The waters South of Marco Island which are appropriately named the Ten Thousand Islands and The Everglades even further South have been been very fortunate this year. It is no secret that there has been a serious problem with the water quality on the West Coast of Florida, namely stemming from the Lake Okeechobee run-off that has increasingly harmed our waters year over year.

Up until this point, we who call the Ten Thousand Islands home have been blessed as we have been unscathed by the blooming effects of the widespread red tide that has littered many News stations and social media timelines the past few months. Many who venture to fish this region of Florida do so in hopes of experiencing a fishery that has been left untouched by the human species in order to have greater chances of interacting with the targeted fish species. Make no mistake about it, the Everglades and Ten Thousands Islands continue to offer just that… As the Summer comes to a close, I encourage all anglers to make trip down to Southwest Florida and experience a truly one of a kind fishing experience.

Until next time,

Gotta Make That Cast !

Capt. Mitch Wozniak