Mitch Wozniak

Island Anglers owner and Guide Mitch Wozniak is a Florida native and grew up chasing fish along Florida's Gulf coast. What started as a love for fishing eventually evolved to the establishment of a guide service that reflects his passion. His desired method of stalking these fish is with a fly rod and enjoys the process of hunting for them as much as he does catching. Mitch has a deep appreciation for these fisheries and belongs to organizations that aim to be pro-active in conservation efforts and restoring their habitat. He also stresses the value of the relationships and some life long friendships that form from fishing a variety of clients over the years. If you fish with Capt. Mitch, you will come to find that he genuinely wants you to catch the desired fish as bad as you do, and he will work diligently to accomplish that goal. From the moment you leave the dock to the time you return, your time and company is valued and certainly not taken for granted. Furthermore Mitch values his role to make sure every time you finish a trip, you go home a better angler or learn more about the fishery and environment. 

I look forward to chasing fish on the water with you. 

Capt. Mitch Wozniak